My name is Kaliafeh Wright; I am a Cityscape and Landscape photographer. I enjoy waking up well before the break of dawn and have no problem hiking for hours in pursuit of landscapes rarely captured, staying up late to photograph the galaxy from Earth in the dead of night, or exploring vast cities for the best vantage points. Nature is one of the greatest gifts given to us and having the opportunity to catch just a moment of the world’s natural beauty in a window of time is one of the most rewarding feelings. Whether it be spring tulips, wildflowers, a double rainbow or the modern marvels in city with breathtaking skylines at sunrise and sunset our planet Earth is a wonderful place.

I have always loved and continue to appreciate photography. As a child I was what everyone calls a “military brat”. So being able to experience and immerse myself with different cultures in many locations had a major impact on me as a young child. Having the ability to visit different countries at a young age shaped me to not only respect others but to also see the beauty for all aspects of life. Please feel free to browse and share my images. Leave comments, help my growth!

Photo Credit: Michael Carpenter Photography

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